IssueHuntFest 2018

A month long open-source sponsorship event
Support OSS and earn Rewards

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Support OSS and Earn Rewards!

IssueHunt Fest is an online sponsorship event for open-source projects that will be held for the first time on December 1, 2018 ~ December 25, 2018.

The online event is designed to boost the open-source community by bringing in the leading corporations, projects and developers together to support OSS

Featured Sponsors

  • Microsoftgold

  • Framgiasilver

  • Linesilver

  • MIT Cryptoeconomics Labbronze

  • Mercaribronze

  • JetBrainsgift

  • Unitygift

Participation Rewards

  • Sponsor stickersSponsor tshirt


    For participants who resolves open-source issues listed on IssueHunt

    Earn stickers by sending more than 3 PRs on IssueHunt. Earn stickers and T-shirt by becoming top 10 contributors with most rewards.
    If any of the above conditions apply, we will contact you via email.

  • $20

    Repository Owners

    For participants who register an OSS project to IssueHunt

    Create issues labeled IssueHuntFest on your GitHub projects to help new contributors know what to work on.

How do I participate?


Find a project with open issues

Choose an OSS project you want to help.


Contribute to open issues and get rewards

Start contributing to a project by resolving open issues. When your pull requests are merged you’ll get paid!

Start contributing!